“… a lyrical medley of free verse, blank verse, a sonnet, and a song or two … spans the life cycle of a consciousness; its intersection with the culture.”

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      About the Author …

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R J (Richard Jay) Sobel was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1949. An award-winning poet, he is the author of Momentary Vagrant, Purview of the Sky, Leaves of Entropy, and Dreams and Other Lastings — the four volumes of “The Seasons Suite” — as well as other works of drama, lyrics, poetry, and prose. His writing, known for its timeless philosophy, musicality, and unique voice, has appeared in a number of literary publications, such as OPEN: Journal of Arts & Letters, Haibun Today, Contemporary Haibun Online, MacQueen’s Quinterly, Shamrock Haiku Journal and Autumn Moon Haiku Journal. Among his most memorable honors was being awarded first prize by a prestigious panel of judges (International Conflict Resolution Day “My Peace of Poetry” contest) — the first time he had ever entered a poetry competition — for a piece, submitted on a whim, that he thought might be taken as too subversive. His forthcoming collection of haibun, equinox/solstice, will be published in 2023 (ARS|Soliana Written Word Album). He and his wife, Lisa, live in Southern California.

Winding down his work as a policy & ethics consultant, he divides his time these days between his work as a writer, poet, and ghostwriter. His earlier dramatic works include original screenplays as well as collaborations with a number of luminaries in film and television, such as Oscar-winning screenwriter, Carl Foreman (uncle), Larry Forrester, and distinguished author and historian, John D. Weaver, on projects including a Centerpoint Productions TV series inspired by a storied portion of his (Sobel’s) life.

The creator of the Written Word Album™, R J Sobel’s painterly approach to his unique format — artisanal pieces, from cover and interior design to author’s comments in his Liner Notes, not meant (for better or worse) for an editor’s pen or penchant of a traditional publisher — gave rise to the founding of Soliana Publications.

His Written Word Album concept, (an alternative to the conventional chapbook), embraces the iconic record album model — the perfect format for a collection of songs, and likewise fitting for the presentation of his lyrical work in the four volumes of “The Seasons Suite.”

Self-directed, with a musical bent and philosophical slant from the start, R J Sobel made his way through diverse avenues of livelihood opportunities — rising to prominence in his chosen fields of endeavor — while honing his writing skills. A studious interest in the art of dramatic writing eventually led to his commitment to the “higher art” — as “the components of story structure, plot, and character development became overshadowed by the tasty rhythms and rare elements of imagery and resonance mined from the depths of thought — with which Shakespeare would craft his eloquent heroic couplets, etc., as would Wordsworth, Rilke, Frost, et al. compose their elegant verse.”

In 2016, R J Sobel presented his long-awaited debut poetry collection in the four volumes of “The Seasons Suite.”



 Written Word Album is a trademark of Richard J. Sobel/Soliana Publications

Copyright © 2016 – 2023 R J Sobel | All Rights Reserved

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