When venturing to go it alone in order to preserve the integrity of one’s vision, there’s bound to come a point where others may need to be relied upon to see that vision through — and they may disappoint; often precipitating adjustment, and inevitably some form of compromise. We arrived at that dreaded juncture in the production stage — where, in the end, our print service providers were not able to handle the non-industry-standard 6-inch square trim size that is part of the trademark format of our Written Word Albums — leading to insupportable delays.

As we reset due to these unforeseen circumstances, we will make the following interim changes: a) We will utilize the POD platform for our initial paperback edition of the four volumes of The Seasons Suite — (while the print production quality of the only POD resource that will accept our trim size falls strikingly short of our standards, this compromise affords the ability to make a paperback edition of these volumes available on schedule and at a lower price point than the average chapbook); b) we plan to also offer an eBook edition (coming soon) of the four volume Box Set of The Seasons Suite; c) we will temporarily suspend plans for our upcoming call for submissions until superior quality printing and binding resources are retained. 

So, we are pleased to announce that ARS | Soliana Written Word Album has moved ahead with the publication of the four volumes of The Seasons Suite. We hope that our low price policy will result in the complete set reaching a larger audience, so that the four volumes may be read consecutively as intended.  

Plans remain in the works for a forthcoming ARS | Soliana Written Word Album double album as well as a Soliana Editions hardcover collection. 

Please check back here for updates and future announcements. 


Soliana Publications Name and Loge


Soliana Publications is an independent publisher originally launched to provide a means to publish the new Written Word Album format under the founder’s full creative control. We plan to broaden that purpose to include acceptance of submissions from other discerning authors who wish to engage our resources to support their vision and bring their artistic works into the light of day. 

Soliana Editions and ARS | Soliana Written Word Album are imprints of Soliana Publications.

Soliana Editions was established to publish traditional books by untraditional writers of fine poetry and prose.

ARS | Soliana Written Word Album is an artisinal imprint dedicated to publishing Written Word Albums — the media format created by the founder of Soliana Pubs, Richard J. Sobel.


Written Word Album is a trademark of Richard J. Sobel/Soliana Publications

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